Titanfall 2’s campaign is the tale of rifleman Jack Cooper, who’s unexpectedly given the reins of Vanguard-class titan BT-7274 (AKA “BT”) when the two are stranded on the planet Typhon after their starship was brought down in an ambush by the evil mega-corp IMC. Their pairing is a good one, if somewhat predictable, with both characters playing off one another in the fashion of their archetypes. BT’s artificial intelligence personality is dry, logical, and ready to misunderstand Jack’s human colloquialisms and turns-of-phrase for slight comedic effect, while Jack is the relatable everyman grunt who knows next to nothing about being a pilot, much less a hero. Though their dynamic doesn’t quite reach the level of witty buddy-comedy quips and playful banter that some of the dialogue options strive for, what does come across is a genuine mutual respect and, in time, caring that these two find for one another.